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Success Stories

Homeopathy Helps Ongoing Constipation … 

Patient: 5 1/2 year old girl

Presenting complaint: Constipation since 1 month old

Response from Mum following 2 weeks treatment:

Homeopathy Helps Chronic Hayfever …

Patient: 9 year old boy

Presenting Complaint:  Chronic Hayfever since he was 4 yrs.old

Response from Mum:

Homeopathy Helps Chest Complaint .. in just a few days …

Patient:  Adult Female

Presenting Complaint: Chest Complaint with 1 year+

Response from patient:

Homeopathy Helps Behavioural Issues … 

Patient: 7 year old girl

Presenting Complaint: Severe Behavioural Difficulties 3 years+

Response from Mum:

 “My little girl is fantastic, easy to manage, listens & 80% improvement”…”She is doing amazingly well.

Mathilda is friendly and supportive and puts you at ease straight away when you first contact her. I appreciate her thoroughness in making sure she has the information she needs. I really can’t convey how much I appreciate Mathilda and all she’s done for us. Looking forward to more positives with Mathilda’s help. Thank you so much lovely lady xxx “