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OPTION 1 – Book a FREE 15-minute Consultation

I work with patients both locally and internationally. Locally at my Homeopathy clinic in Corrkstown, Cork and internationally using online methods.

I offer a FREE initial 15-minute consultation using Zoom [ online call facility], or if you prefer we can use Skype, Whatsapp video or phone.

This FREE 15-minute chat gives me the opportunity to listen to the challenges you are experiencing and determine how Homeopathy can help you.

Please click on the Green ’15 minute Free Consult’ icon in the booking facility on this page to schedule your free call for a day/time that suits you.

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OPTION 2 – Book A Consultation €70

Your initial consultation will take place either online or in my clinic in Cork. The consultation will take approximately an hour and a half (1.5 hrs).  I will take your case history, ask you some questions about your general health, medical history and your current condition(s).

After your appointment, I will work on your case and work out a treatment plan for you. I will then post out your remedies with full instructions and a proposed follow-up appointment.

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Follow-up Consultations €50

Your follow-up appointment is required to assess your progress and assess your treatment plan in light of your progress.

Plan for follow-ups every 4-6 weeks approximately (but this may change depending on the individual and your results).

The number of follow-ups required will depend on the body’s response to the remedies, taking some variable factors into consideration such as the length of time you have have been unwell, your level of health and other influencing factors.

Acute Consultations €40

This Homeopathic consultation option is designed to deal with ‘acute’ situations or acute symptoms only.

Acute symptoms are ones which are new or less than approximately one month old.
The Acute consultation will take place either online or in my Homeopathy clinic in Crookstown, Cork.

The consultation will take approximately 20 minutes.

To book an Acute Consultation, you can use the appointment request form on this page, or you can call or text me on 085 – 2303352, or message me on my FB page HERE. 

Homeopathy Kits €65 (36 Remedy First Aid)

If you’re looking for a Homeopathic First Aid Kit, this Homeopathy Kit is the one I highly recommend.  This first aid remedy enables you to have the correct Homeopathic Remedy at home if you need it.

You can also avail of my ‘Acute Consultation’ (online if preferred) to discuss your symptoms and use the remedy kit at home in this manner. I carry a stock of these kits which retail at €65, which includes postage and package.

Click HERE for more details and to order online. 

You can also call me or message me with your order.