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About Mathilda

"Homeopathy gave me my life back ..."

” Homeopathy gave me back my life…”

Hi, my name is Mathilda, I am a qualified Homeopath and have studied Homeopathy with the Irish School of Homeopathy.

While my background is in Accounting and Retail, I left it all to work in Homeopathy, having experienced life-changing results and relief from a debilitating condition, but more on that later.


So why did I choose Homeopathy?

Well, I came about Homeopathy due to my own health issues. Having being diagnosed with a severely debilitating condition in 2010 called Fibromyalgia. This condition turned my life upside down, caused severe pain all over my body & extreme fatigue. I eventually had to give up work totally which was devastating, and my condition brought me to a point of not being able to look after myself.

I was going from consultant to G.P taking drugs, injections, and anything they suggested to just get some relief. I changed my diet dramatically and I would get some improvements, but it would be very short-lived. I tried to come to terms that this was my life. I was better than when I was diagnosed first, but I just couldn’t accept it.

Then I came across Homeopathy. At the time I hadn’t an idea what it was and to be honest at the time I didn’t really care. I was willing to give anything a go and I was totally amazed by the results!

So much so it pushed me to learn more about the treatment that turned my life around and so I have been studying with the Irish School of Homeopathy for the last few years.

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Studying, Travelling to Africa & Working with the Irish School of Homeopathy

I  travelled to Africa in 2017,  with the Irish School of Homeopathy to learn more and experience how Homeopathy is being used to help people with HIV/Aids.

If you are like me and you want to be free from limitations with regards to your health, please get in touch or schedule a free 15-minute call, I’d love to be able to help you.